Rekola Motion M1.1 Cleaning trolley

Rekola Motion M1.1 Cleaning trolley

Rekola Motion M1.1 cleaning trolley is a small, compact but flexible trolley which supports different cleaning  and facilitating needs. Starting from the very basic model of M1.1 to the fully equipped version with canvas store space, this trolley can fulfill your facilitating needs.

The model is designed for prepared cleaning methods either for pocket, Velcro mops or for our Reflex Mopping System.

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Rekola Motion M1.1 Cleaning trolley
This small compact cleaning trolley can be used with a box for velcro mops. A canvas bag on the front of the trolley holds two plastic bag rolls. A smart solution to have the plastic rolls close to where needed.
Rekola Motion M1.1 Cleaning trolley
Trolley showing the basic set up. Adjustable pushbar, two 6 litre buckets, large metal basket, two shaft holders and two large mop frame supports on both sides of the trolley.
Rekola Motion M1.1 Cleaning trolley
Rekola AddOn boxes can be added next to the buckets if extra space is needed for cloths, bottles or any other material needed during the cleaning process.

Motion M1.1 additional product info

Rekola Motion M1.1 cleaning trolley is designed to get the best outcome with Rekola Add on products.

The trolley can be tailor- made for the special needs of the project. Add on products such as EVA boxes for bottles, cloths, small items enables you to have the needed utensil in the right place for easy access. 

The trolley can be fitted with additional bags for dirty mops, dusters and special canvas parts for other items such as plastic bag rolls. All these will even further improve the performance of the model in order to make cleaning and facilitating functions more efficient.

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