Rekola Reflex Duster

Reflex Duster

Professional solutions for vertical, horizontal or dusting around corners. The Rekola Reflex Duster is a very handy tool for reaching high level or hard to reach surfaces. The flexible blade allows the user to bend the duster or put it to an angle for hard to reach areas. It is optimized if used in conjunction with Rekola Reflex Ultra-Microfiber and Abrasive Soft cloths. These cloths can be attached damp or dry. The Duster also has an exchangeable grip and fits to the Rekola Reflex Extendable handle. With the duster you can use the same cloths as used with the squeegee so there is no need to purchase additional cloths.

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All smooth and sealed hard top surfaces for best cleaning results. Suitable for healthcare, nurseries, schools, universities, offices, public buildings, food industry,  hospitality, residential, shopping malls and pharmaceutical areas etc.


In conjunction with Rekola Reflex UMF and Abrasive Soft cloths, optional to be extended with Rekola Reflex Extendable handle.

The Rekola Reflex Duster is a handy tool for high level or hard to reach surfaces. The flexible blade allows the user to bend or angle the duster to make cleaning easier.


Wrap a dry or pre-impregnated Rekola Reflex cloth around the blade of the Duster, starting halfway of the 10 cm Velcro; leaving an area 5 x 50 cm uncovered.

When turning the tool around its axle the cloth wraps around the Duster and the end of the cloth will be fixed by the remaining uncovered Velcro on the blade


Release cloth from the Rekola Reflex Duster by unwrapping.

Product code : 08-90002

Color : Green

Dimension :61,5 x 10,5 x 8 cm

Rekola Reflex Duster   300 grs


1 pcs in Poly bag

20 pcs  1-pack per transport box



The unique combination of Ultra Microfiber and the adaptable shape of the Rekola Reflex Duster’s blade allow cleaning at corners, crannies and hard to reach areas.


We recommend cleaning the tool after use and before being stored.



Grip :made out of PP, Aluminum tube and nylon 6 spring

Blade : EVA foam and Velcro on one (1) side; inside protected metal steel strip

Borders enforced with artificial leather material


Hard to reach areas:

The bendable blade can be adjusted to the surfaces that needs to be dusted.

For higher areas the grip can be replaced by the Rekola Reflex extendable handle

Multiple surfaces:

Walls, air-conditioning ducts, high level cabinets and cupboards, light fittings, cable trays.

Pads for different jobs:

Duster can be mounted with different types of cloths – 10-205X, 13-405X or 10-705X damp or dry.


One year manufacturer guarantee after purchase

Reflex Exclusive Partner for The Netherlands

Nordic Cleaning
Edisonweg 4,
8071 RC Nunspeet, The Netherlands
phone: +31  341 253116

Reflex Exclusive Partner for Sweden

Orbotech Sweden AB
Karins väg 7,
194 61 Upplands Väsby, Sweden
phone: +46 8 505 884 00

Reflex Exclusive Partner for Finland

OrboTech Finland OY AB
Tiilitie 8
01720 Vantaa, Finland
+358 9 42705005

Reflex Exclusive Partner for Russia

CleanPro LTD
Primorsky pr., 137-1-561
Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 197374
phone +7 (812)347-86-70
fax +7(812)347-86-70

Reflex Exclusive Partner for UK

CA-A Industries LLP,
2nd Floor 3 Brindleyplace
Birmingham B1 2JB, UK
phone: +44 121 231 7280

Reflex Exclusive Partner for Germany

KENTER Bodenreinigungsmaschinen Vertriebs- & Service GmbH
Günzburger Str. 60
89340 Leipheim
Fon:  +49(8221) 2799 0
Fax:  +49(8221) 2799 55

Other countries

Rekola Oy

International sales
Karel Jan Boel
Sales Director
mobile phone: +32 477 78 78 20

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