Reflex Motion P2 cleaning trolley with one box set and one basket

Rekola Reflex Motion P2

The key driver for the P2 trolley is flexibility to adapt to the required cleaning and facilitating needs of the project. In larger areas and with our unique mopping system there is ample space on the trolley to transport items related to your service such as paper towels and toilet paper rolls. A key factor of this trolley is the reduced trafficking time to replace stock on the trolley. The P2 trolley and Rekola Reflex Mopping system are an ideal solution for efficient cleaning.

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This trolley includes two 6 L buckets

This trolley includes two 6 L buckets, 2 metal baskets, two 15 L boxes with the one on top designed as a tool box and one 25 L box with lid. On the front there is canvas holder for a plastic bag roll. On either side of the buckets there is a place for our AddOn EVA boxes. If need the metal baskets can be replace with frame for a 15 L box and slider for a 4 L tray.

Reflex Motion P2

On the trolley bottom you can have either two 15 L boxes top of each other or one 15 and 25 L box.

On either side of the buckets there is a place for AddOn EVA boxes.

On either side of the buckets there is a place for AddOn EVA boxes.

Reflex P2 additional product info

The trolley is designed for 6L buckets, 4L trays, 15 and 25L boxes.  So, the combination to build your own optimal solution for the project requirement is almost unlimited. The maximum carrying capacity is 120 L when we have 5 x 15L and 1 x 25L boxes including 2 x 6 L buckets and 2 x 4 L trays. Surely this can still  be increased when our 4 L AddOn boxes are added. This is why we are highlighting P2 to be flexible having huge carrying capacity.

Same as in P1 all our unique AddOn products can be add to this model in order to further personalize the trolley to the project requirements. These AddOn items will even further improve the performance of the trolley in order to make cleaning and facilitating functions more efficient.  This is the right trolley model for larger areas where trafficking plays important role.

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