Rekola Addon EVA pouch, 2 clips, 4 liter

Rekola Addon EVA pouch, 2 clips, 4 liter

The Rekola AddOn Eva pouch with 2 clips has a capacity of 4 liters and depending on the application and can be attached to the trolley for storage of chemicals, plastic bag rolls and other items required during the cleaning process. The pouch has a stable opening making it easily accessible. This pouch can also be attached to a buckle belt to facilitate stair cleaning. When using two pouches on the buckle belt, one for clean and one for dirty, stair cleaning becomes more efficient due to reduced trafficking to and from the trolley. Larger areas can also be cleaned without trafficking to and from the trolley. In combination with the Rekola Motion SV4Z trash bag trolley, this pouch can be used as a 4 liter bucket and clipped to machines for storage.

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In conjunction with utensils and trolleys, optimizing the cleaning process and reducing trafficking during the cleaning process. Suitable for any project inside or outside. EVA is resistant to most chemicals and can be disinfected. Article 10-900111 or 10-900112 in combination with the Rekola AddOn buckle belt 10-0000010 form an ideal package and saving time up to 30% according to REFA time studies.


Ideally suited for use in conjunction with Rekola Motion trolleys and/or Rekola Reflex concept. Can be used with alternative brands and concepts, and machines.

Rekola Addon  EVA pouches are ideal to add functionality to trolleys; increase storage capacity around the trolleys and reduce trafficking during cleaning. Storage of cloths, chemicals, brushes, garbage bag rolls, personal stuff etc.

The EVA pouches are multifunctional and multi-purpose.


Rekola Addon EVA pouches with stainless steel clips attach simply to machines, trolleys or belts.


The Rekola AddOn EVA pouches are designed to customize and/or personalize the trolley or belt specifically for the user. They can be switched from trolley to belt easily.



The Rekola AddOn work belt reduces trafficking to and from the cleaning trolley during daily manual cleaning process.


EVA pouches are resistant to disinfectant chemicals and can  withstand temperatures of -20 to 100 degrees Celsius. Do not wash in Deko-machines as the high temperature may deform the shape of the pouch.


When collected separately EVA and stainless steel can be used in recycling programs.



Stainless steel clips ø 2,2 mm.


EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), 18-20% VA, pouches with leather surface structure, waterproof welded.

Extra options* *not included in price.

In conjunction with Rekola Motion trolleys and or Rekola Addon buckle belt Article 10-900110 or Rekola Addon work belt Article 10-90013.



Rekola AddOn EVA pouches offer a flexible way of personalizing or customizing your cleaning trolley, work belt and cleaning process. Multifunctional pouches means there are no limitations for use within the cleaning process. They can be mounted to sit on cleaning machines adding extra functionality and storage.


As the Rekola Addon EVA pouches are extremely light and can be attached at ergonomic height levels, the products are improving and increasing the ergonomic work circumstances during the cleaning process.


One year manufacturer guarantee after purchase.

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16 x 9 x 22/26 CM

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Rekola Addon EVA pouch, 2 clips 141 grs


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50 pcs  1-pack per transport box

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