Why Rekola


The journey began in 1981. The goal is total customer satisfaction.

REKOLA OY was founded by Pauli Rekola in 1981, on the outskirts of Mäntsälä, a small town, a few miles from Helsinki. Pauli’s business concept was crystal clear from the beginning: To develop and manufacture specialised trolleys in steel. In 1995, Pauli’s son, Petri, took over the family company and made the strategic decision to increase focus on cleaning applications and property logistics. Headed by Petri Rekola, the move towards private design and creative solutions focused on the customer was strengthened; a move that laid the foundation for the entire company culture, and which has been the main driving force throughout our journey. A journey where the goal is total customer satisfaction.


2018 UPCOMING: Launch of the REKOLA REFLEX, Generation 3

2017 Launch of REKOLA HOOKIT

2016 REKOLA upgrades its product design and graphic profile

2016 Launch of Rekola Motion, cutting-edge cleaning trolleys

2015 REKOLA REFLEX extendable handles with “unbreakable” locker

2010 Launch of the REKOLA REFLEX, Generation 2

2009 Rekola first enters the USA market

2008 EVA accessories begin to be developed

2005 Rekola Reflex launched in Germany

1998 Begin developing cleaning trolleys for external brands

1995 Petri Rekola takes over the family company

1985 Sweden and Norway become the first export markets

1984 Pauli Rekola begins manufacturing trolleys under private labels

1981 REKOLA OY founded in Mäntsälä, Finland, by Pauli Rekola


REKOLA is northern Europe’s leading manufacturer of innovative trolleys, superior cleaning equipment and customised product concepts. Our mission is to improve effectiveness and functionality through customer driven development and innovation. Thanks to our unique design resources and Finland-based production, we are able to offer superior flexibility and extremely short turnaround times, from prototype to production.


Our customers are property owners, cleaning companies, distributors and companies looking for products designed and manufactured for private-label. Our main markets are Finland, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and England. We also have many customers throughout the rest of Europe, as well as in the USA and Japan.