Rekola Addon Long shape utensil EVA pouch with Velcro flaps

Rekola Addon Long shape utensil EVA pouch with Velcro flaps

This EVA pouch was specially designed for storing a small model toilet brush on the trolley. The waterproof uniqueness of EVA prevents dirty water dripping on to the trolley or floor. The pouch is easily released from the trolley and taken to the areas where needed. The Velcro flap, metal hook or flap opening can be used to hang the pouch on a door handle, separation wall or hook in the toilet area until the general cleaning is completed and the brush is needed. The pouch can be used for a long handle microfiber or feather duster. It can be cleaned easily by opening the Velcro closed bottom and rinsing with water, disinfectant solution or wipe.

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Used in conjunction with toilet or dust brushes and trolleys to optimize the cleaning process. Suitable for any project inside and outside. EVA is resistant to most chemicals and can be disinfected.


Ideally suited for use in conjunction with Rekola Motion trolleys and/or Rekola Reflex concept. Can be used with alternative brands and concepts, and machines.

Rekola Addon  EVA pouches add functionality and storage capacity to trolleys. This pouch can be taken to the cleaning area with the brush/duster inside, hung on a hook until needed. The brush/duster is easy to take out and put back in to the pouch. The advantage of using this pouch is the zero risk of spills or drips from the pouch whilst being carried. The pouch can be cleaned with water or disinfectant solution by unwrapping the Velcro on the bottom of the pouch.


Rekola Addon  EVA pouch with Velcro can be simply attached to trolley by using the EVA flap and wrapping around the frame tube or using the stainless steel hook to hang it to the trolley.


Release the Velcro and the pouch comes off the trolley.


The Rekola AddOn EVA pouches are designed to customize and/or personalize the trolley or belt specifically for the user. They can be switched from trolley to belt easily.



The Rekola Addon pouch reduces trafficking, as it influences the process of walking back and forward to the cleaning trolley during the daily manual cleaning process.


EVA pouches are resistant to disinfectant chemicals and can  withstand temperatures of -20 to 100 degrees Celsius. Do not wash in Deko-machines as the high temperature may deform the shape of the pouch.



EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), 18-20% VA, pouch

Velcro and hook

Polyester Velcro on top and on bottom. Stainless steel hook for hanging on top.



Rekola Addon

Rekola AddOn EVA pouches offer a flexible way of personalizing or customizing your cleaning trolley, work belt and cleaning process. Multifunctional pouches means there are no limitations for use within the cleaning process. They can be mounted to sit on cleaning machines adding extra functionality and storage.   


During the cleaning process the pouch can be hung from door handles, separation walls, hooks or the trolley.


One year manufacturer guarantee after purchase.

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80 x 14 x 8 CM

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Rekola Addon EVA pouch with Velcro 165 grs


1 pcs per bulk packed

60 pcs  1-pack per transport box

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