Rekola Addon Polyester Mesh Laundry bag

Rekola Addon Polyester Mesh Laundry bag

This mesh bag is specially designed as a dirty mop bag for use with our EVA pouches with Velcro flaps - it can also be used in combination with a 6 liter bucket or box. The strap on top of the bag can be wrapped around the EVA bag or bucket fixing the mesh bag – secure the Velcro behind the flap of the EVA pouch – this keeps the mesh bag open and accessible. When cleaning is done and the bag is filled, close the bag using the strap and put in to the laundry. The bag can also be used to identify cloths and mops which need to be returned to the same location. If cloths and mops need to be washed in the bag ensure there is room in the bag for the cloths to move freely.

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Areas with centralized or outsourced laundry facilities where there is a requirement for textiles to be returned to the original location or user.


In conjunction Rekola Addon EVA pouch 10-90031. But can also be used into Rekola Motion SI 6 Ltr and SI 12 Ltr buckets

Place the Rekola AddOn mesh bag inside a Rekola AddOn EVA pouch 10-90031. Collect dirty cloths and mops as they are used. When the cleaning is finished, close the mesh bag and transport to the laundry area using the Rekola AddOn EVA pouch or suitable container. If cloths and mops need to be washed in the bag ensure there is room in the bag for the cloths to move freely.


Rekola Addon Mesh bag with Velcro can be simply attached to EVA pouch or bucket by pulling the strap. Before pulling the strap, make sure the Velcro is going around the back of the EVA flaps on 10-90031


Release the Velcro and the strap. Close Velcro and strap and make sure the top of the bag is secure. Use the closing strap for making a knot around the top of the bag.



The EVA mesh bag is made of polyester yarn, is resistant against most cleaning chemicals and can be washed up to 90 degrees. Though we advise not higher than 60 degrees for environmental reasons.


When collected separately Polyester can be recycled or safely used for heat generation programs.



130 grs/m2 Polyester mesh with extra knitted polyester enforcements on the sewing borders.


Polyester with Polypropylene length adjuster.


Polyester Velcro.



Rekola Addon Mesh bags offer a flexible way of personalizing your cleaning trolley and cleaning process.


As the Rekola Addon Mesh bags are extremely light and they almost put no extra weight to the Rekola Addon EVA pouch when carried by shoulder strap.


One year manufacturer guarantee after purchase.

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30 x 50 CM

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Rekola Addon Polyester laundry bag with Velcro 120 grs


1 pcs per PP bag

100 pcs 1-pack per transport box

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