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Our AbrasiveSoft S PADS can replace your traditional sponges, because traditional sponges typically collect bacteria and often have to be thrown away after single use. Our S PADS can be washed many times, so you don’t have to throw them away. In a nutshell, these pads will make your cleaning routines more effortless and economic. With all these benefits you won't have to worry about any trade-offs: The pads won't negatively affect your chrome and mirror surfaces, and they are especially good when used for hard top surfaces (e.g. sinks, taps, toilet, bath, glass) for hygienic results.

Product code:
10-0350-2 Blue, 10-0354-2 Red

General info


S PADS are suitable for hard top, ceramic and chrome surfaces for best hygienic cleaning results. S PADS can be used for cleaning toilets, baths, showers and sink facilities in healthcare, nurseries, schools, universities, offices, public buildings, food industry, hospitality and residential buildings. Also suitable for use in sports facilities for cleaning locker rooms. Use S PADS as an alternative to abrasive sponges.


Use a 6 litre bucket or box with lid. Place S PADS in the bucket/box. Pour the desired fluid equally over S PADS. Cover with a lid and leave until S PADS have charged.

If spray bottles are in use: Spray directly to the surface to be cleaned and wipe the sprayed area with S PAD. Alternatively spray on the S PAD and start wiping.


S PADS can be pre-prepared/charged with clean tap water or processed water. Optional: Chemicals suitable for UMF can be diluted according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Please be aware that some chemicals may cause damage to user, material and environment.

Depending on surface circumstances, charge with 5-50 ml of liquid per S PAD.

Avoid overdosing regardless of the charging liquid. Do not use bleach or softeners.



  • Rinse twice with cold water to ensure all cleaning chemicals are removed. Main program for synthetic fibers at 60°C or less is preferred.
  • Rinse twice to ensure all laundry agents are removed.
  • Adjust temperatures and water volumes accordingly.
  • Machine drums can be filled with S PADS up to 60% load.
  • In case of drying, use tumble drying below 60°C.
  • Do not use of bleach and or softener.
  • Low water level during processing or overloading the washing machine (max 50% of door window) may cause irreversible damage to pads.


Non–bleach disinfectant* laundry agent and autoclaving may be used if required.

*e.g. peroxide based; this may affect colors


500 washing cycles at 60°C or 200 washing cycles at 85°C. Rough abrasive surfaces and intensive rubbing of open structures like drains may reduce the lifetime expectations.


REFLEX S PADS are made purely of synthetic materials: they may be used in recycling programs; or alternatively, because of their high energy value and zero emissions other than CO2 and water, can be safely disposed by controlled energy-supply programs.



50% split Ultra Microfiber and 50 % PET film; 90% PES, 10% PA and F= 0,154 Dtex.

Inside 2 layers of 100% UMF; 80% PES, 20% PA. 


Overlock and piping 100% PES.



SGS tested < 6% according to recommended washing instructions. Shrinking may cause slight deformation, which does not affect the functionality.

Color fastness:

4-5, standard request ≥ 3-4


The abrasion generated during use, is not advised to be used on softer material surfaces.

Weber & Leucht S301/1.3 dirt removal:

Ceramic tile SF 11, Dust A23, Damp 93%, standard request ≥ 70

PVC surface PL-03, Dust A23, Damp 87%, standard request ≥ 70

Ceramic tile SF 11, Muddy dirt A05, Damp 100%, standard request ≥ 70

PVC surface PL-03, Muddy dirt A05, Damp 100%, standard request ≥ 70

Bacteria reduction:

E-coli 99,89%, log >2,96

S. aureus 99,31%, log 2,16


500 uses and washes according to producer’s guidelines at 60°C, under general hygiene cleaning circumstances at a maintained surface.

Extended usage can be achieved if optimal laundry and cleaning conditions are considered.

For instructions and details ask your distributor.


10-0350-2, blue, 15 x 18 cm

10-0354-2, red, 15 x 18 cm


5 pcs per PP bag

40 pcs x 5-pack per transport box

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