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Newsletter 4/18

Next month, May 2018,  the Interclean show in Amsterdam will take place again, which reminds us that another two years have passed by. This is always a good moment to reflect about the changes our industry has undergone and the new directions we have travelled over the last few years.

Personally I feel, that over the last two years more things came into the spotlight that were not so much discussed in the past. To move forward the discussions about these themes, we changed our communication more to the direction of cleaning “process”. The questions about utensils should not only be individual performance related, but related to the whole cleaning process at an object. Much can be said about the cleaning process, but the binding factor is that new utensils and work-operating methods will be needed.

Rekola will also this year again be participating at the Interclean show. Our booth will be at the same location as before hall 1 booth 338 (1.338)

From our Motion trolley department we will show you the new concept trolley, which we named service trolley. The trolley was created for larger projects, where for example trash collection, transport of service goods or sanitary paper and or textiles, require more transport volume.

From our Reflex utensils department we will be launching a generation of disposable wipes. Two different type of wipes will be presented, which will clean larger surfaces than is currently available on the market. Our Duster wipes can dust up to 1000m2 and our Duospeed wipe can damp-mop up to 60m2  without being replaced or touched by hand.

We also invited to our booth our Reflex partners from Sweden and Finland to show their UltraH2O concept. All Reflex hand and floor cloths proved to perform even better with this Ultra H2O, than with normal tap water.

All the new and interesting products we show are developed for a more effective approach to the cleaning process.

You are welcome to visit us at the Interclean Amsterdam show 15.-18. May 2018 booth 1.318 and we look forward to seeing you there.

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Rekola Business Partner Day by Nordic Cleaning

On 23 February, Benelux distributor Nordic Cleaning from the Netherlands organized the Rekola Business Partner Day. A personal meeting day for dealers from the Netherlands and Belgium. They discussed cooperation, shared knowledge and talked about innovative market and product developments. "The reactions of the dealers were constructive and positive. How can we better cooperate, communicate and strengthen each other. That is already the noticeable result of this day”, says Jan van Triest, Creative Cleaning Consultant at Nordic Cleaning.

On 23 February, Benelux distributor Nordic Cleaning from the Netherlands organized the Rekola Business Partner Day.

As of 1 January 2017, Nordic Cleaning is importer / distributor for the Benelux of the Finnish brand Rekola, which consists of the Reflex Cleaning concept, Rekola Motion Trolleys and Addon Accessories. Nordic Cleaning is a relative new in the market with Rekola, but the person behind the company; Jan van Triest already has extensive experience in and knowledge of the cleaning industry.

Nordic Cleaning wants to start a revolution in the cleaning industry with Rekola, looking at all aspects of the total cleaning process and making their dealers and customers aware of it. Responding to ergonomics, environment, sustainability, quality improvement, efficiency and minimal use of raw materials. Innovation from the human aspect point of view. No hard selling but heart selling.

Physical overload

Physical overload and in particular repetitive strain injury (RSI) is a common and recurring problem with manual cleaning. Handling (flat) mops is physically heavy and with the product line of Rekola, Nordic Cleaning provides more cleaning power against lower physical effort. "Very sensitive, literally feeling, and more consciously cleaning. With Rekola we enable people to get rid of their RSI complaints in most of the cases", according to Jan.


The Rekola system is now practically experienced and well accepted by thousands of users. Nordic Cleaning is expanding successfully and is looking for more partner wholesalers in Belgium and in the Netherlands. Dealers are fully supported with, among other things, introductions and sales support. "We help our dealers search for truly innovative solutions. With calculation tools we can compare the advantages of Rekola with existing product lines or competitors. We offer clear added value by thinking about how to facilitate processes and make employees physically healthier. "We are looking for added value and quality for the customer; personal value instead of price fighting only".


Tekst en foto: Sandra Bonestroo | SB Consaletancy

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Rekola Business Partnerdag door Nordic Cleaning

Op 23 februari jl. organiseerde Benelux distributeur Nordic Cleaning uit Nunspeet de Rekola Business Partnerdag. Een persoonlijke onderlinge kennismakingsdag voor de dealers uit Nederland en België. Daarbij werd gebrainstormd over samenwerking, kennis gedeeld en gesproken over innovatieve markt- en productontwikkelingen. “De reacties van de dealers waren constructief en positief. Hoe kunnen we onderling nog beter samenwerken, communiceren en elkaar versterken. Dat is nu al het merkbare resultaat van deze dag”, aldus Jan van Triest, Creative Cleaning Consultant van Nordic Cleaning.

On 23 February, Benelux distributor Nordic Cleaning from the Netherlands organized the Rekola Business Partner Day.

Nordic Cleaning is per 1 januari 2017 importeur/distributeur voor de Benelux van het Finse merk Rekola dat bestaat uit het Reflex Cleaning concept, Rekola Motion Trolleys en Addon Accessoires. Nordic Cleaning is met Rekola een relatieve nieuwkomer op de markt maar de persoon erachter; Jan van Triest,  heeft al meer ervaring in de schoonmaakbranche.

Nordic Cleaning wil met Rekola een ommekeer in de schoonmaakbranche teweeg brengen waarbij ze kijken naar alle facetten van het totale schoonmaakproces en hun dealers en klanten daar ook bewust van willen maken. Inspelend op ergonomie, milieu, duurzaamheid, kwaliteitsverbetering, efficiëntie en minimaal gebruik van grondstoffen. Innovatie vanuit het menselijke aspect. Geen hard selling maar heart selling.

Fysieke overbelasting

Fysieke overbelasting en met name klachten in het bewegingsapparaat (RSI) is een veelvoorkomend en recidief probleem bij manuele schoonmaak. Het hanteren van (vlak)moppen is fysiek zwaar en met de productlijn van Rekola levert Nordic Cleaning meer schoonmaakkracht tegen lagere fysieke inspanning. “Heel sensitief, letterlijk op gevoel, en bewust(er) schoonmaken. Wij stellen met Rekola mensen in staat om, in vrijwel alle gevallen, van hun RSI klachten af te komen”, aldus Jan.


Het Rekola systeem is inmiddels praktisch ervaren en geaccepteerd door duizenden gebruikers. Nordic Cleaning breidt hierdoor succesvol uit en is op zoek naar meer partnergroothandels in België en Nederland. Dealers worden volledig ondersteund met o.a. introducties en sales support. “Wij helpen onze dealers zoeken naar werkelijk innovatieve oplossingen. Met rekentools kunnen we samen voordelen van Rekola vergelijken met bestaande productlijnen of  concurrent(en). Daarin bieden wij een duidelijke meerwaarde door mee te denken hoe processen te vergemakkelijken en medewerkers fysiek gezonder te maken. “Wij zoeken onze toegevoegde waarde in meerwaarde voor de klant; de prijzenslag laten we over aan de rest”.


Tekst en foto: Sandra Bonestroo | SB Consaletancy

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Happy New Year and our best wishes to all of you

We used the Christmas break to get better understanding of some of the key questions related to the production processes of cleaning.

How much are we aware of the optimal relation between cleaning ingredients like water and chemicals, cleaning tools and machines?

Do we use the right products and concentrations of chemicals, or do we use the right mops, and do we impregnate them at the right moisture? Does this have an impact on the fact that floor mopping takes more energy, even though we clean them every day?  

Do we wash the dirty cloths and mops without destroying them in the laundry machine?

All these are relevant questions that have consequences on our daily working processes.

We think answers to these questions will put us in the position of controlling and dealing with the cleaning processes in a more efficient, ergonomic and environmentally friendly way.  

Suppliers offer their products and cleaning organizations select their purchase products with the expectation and intention to get the level of cleanliness they agreed with their clients, however often without detailed and substantiated knowledge of the on the market available products. This is a bit like buying construction material and start building, without having thorough knowledge if the material suits the construction type. Not the optimal way of doing it right.

Take for example mopping the floor.

Friction is an important element at removing dirt from the surface. Adding liquid is a necessary element at removing sticky dirt and improves the result. This is mostly common knowledge. What most of us do not realize is that in time the friction may increase. The mop or floor cloth starts generating friction, because of the daily build-up layer of residual chemicals, proteins and occasional dirt (biofilm) left behind after the water has evaporated.

It is not the usage of chemicals on itself. An example would be over-dosing of cleaning agents as one of the most often and basic reasons of biofilm build-up. But also the laundry process. If the mop or hand wipes are not thoroughly cleaned, this can cause build-up of dirt and chemicals inside that get irreversibly fixed, reducing performance and increasing contamination. 

Indication for not being properly washed, is the familiar bad smell of wipes and mops when stored impregnated on the cleaning trolley.

One of the ways to avoid these problems is the combination of our Reflex floor concept in combination with Ultra H2O (demineralized water). Depending on the project of course, this can create multiple advantages.

  • The grip to the floor of our narrow squeegee blade and the UMF waffle cloth is much higher than of a flat mop concept. This will remove dirt more efficiently. 
  • We use cloths without Velcro or pockets making them easier to wash and no smelling after laundry.
  • Simple impregnation process. The cloths divide moisture equally, which prevents over dosing.
  • The combination of Reflex and UltraH2O concept, the floor will be kept cleaner, no chemicals remain on the floor even when cloths are impregnated too wet.
  • The Reflex and UltraH2O combination extend the time between or even avoid the need for machine deep-cleanings.

In the process above we perform the same cleaning task as with traditional products. Though Reflex and UltraH2O work together, optimize each other and make the job easier and effective.

Risks on mistakes become less and quality of the end result will be better.

A win-win situation for cleaning companies, its employees and clients.

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Rekola Web news 12/17

ISSA – is a global cleaning organization which has its roots in the USA. Today the organization is not only covering America and Europe but also extending to South America, the Middle East, Australia and Asia. Regardless of global extensions, the organization’s activities are not very well known in the Nordic region.

Many who visited the ISSA-Interclean conferences in Amsterdam may be aware of the continued cooperation with the exhibition organizer through the years. However, the activities of the ISSA include much more than cooperation with trade fairs around the world only. The ISSA organizes on regular basis activities involving training, research and much more. They provide regional seminars and other events where visitors can access the network with industry influencers from around the world. The total organization has globally 26000 business members.

In the Nordic region, however only 26 members are found: 11 in Denmark, 10 in Sweden, 4 in Finland and 1 in Iceland. Unfortunately few, as Nordic cleaning industry companies may have to offer so much more to this area. Nordic countries are considered to be innovative and pioneering, and that should be reflected to the ISSA  Nordic activities. That is why the President of the ISSA European Union, Mr. Michel de Bruin approached me, Petri Rekola as representative for the Nordic countries to complement his team.

I have been in business with Michel de Bruin for years and I possibly would not have thought about actively representing ISSA if the European team would have had been led by someone else other than Michel. I think he is very committed to bringing the European Cleaning perspective to the global organization. Of course it is a long road, but only by being involved we can positively influence the development of this sector in a broader forum.

My personal focus will be on contributing to Nordic Companies by using ISSA services and networks; not only for manufactures but also for those who work daily in this sector. It would be great if more companies would join us in this global organization so that we can create more visibility for our Nordic industry.

Next May 2018 the Interclean fair will again be in Amsterdam the Netherlands and offering the opportunity familiarizing yourself with the ISSA and their networks. You might be interested to spend a few hours at the ISSA evening-event near the exhibition center. Rekola Oy will again participate at the Interclean show this year and also this time we try to bring new and innovative products to the show. In the spring we may be able to tell you more about our developments.

If the contents of this newsletter has raised questions, discussions or if you would like to join the ISSA organization, then please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

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Rekola Reflex Ultra-Microfiber cloths

Microfiber products are already for years used in the professional cleaning industry. Their superior cleaning performance compared with e.g. cotton goes beyond doubt. But even though Microfiber products have been available for decades, their share in the worldwide cleaning industry is still very marginal

Also the knowledge of Microfibers in our cleaning industry is still limited. We talk about Microfiber mops and cloths even without really knowing what their composition is.

Microfiber is used in combination with words like decitex, denier, ultra, split and blend. Microfiber is a plastic compound, processed to different thickness of yarns. The thickness of the yarn/filament and material define if we have just normal yarn, Microfiber or Ultra-Microfiber (UMF).

Ultra-Microfiber is a two component yarn that is split after weaving, during dyeing process. The filament of UMF is many times thinner than one component Microfiber and therefore cleaning is better and safer.

100% UMF for damp floor cleaning cannot be applied to flat-mops as it would cause too much drag.

For that reason Microfiber mops are often made out of one component microfiber, or made of blended textiles such as Polyester yarn and Microfiber or Polyester and a minor share of Ultra-Microfiber.

All Reflex hand cloths and pads PLUS all Reflex cloths for damp floor cleaning are made from 100% Ultra-Microfiber. This is only possible in combination with the Reflex floor cleaning tool and has a direct impact on the result of floor cleaning.

Why is this possible?

Our squeegee is 50 cm; however the sharp rubber blade touching the top of the cloth is less than 1 mm thick.  The downward pressure “cleaning edge” is 80 to 120 higher but at the same time the generated drag is a. 50 times less compared to flat mops, when used with same damp UMF material.

That makes the two products a winning team when it comes down to removing small dust particles, proteins, bacteria and spores. The woven pockets on our cloths pick up the larger particles; even they are less of a health threat, they are commonly the trigger for the visible experience that the area has to be cleaned.

Our hand cloths are lighter and smaller than floor cloths but made of the same UMF and pocket structure.

Our Reflex Ultra Microfiber cloths carry Swan Nordic Ecolabel, which indicate their sustainability and quality. According independent tests (Weber & Leucht) Ultra Microfiber cloths remove 99,9% of bacteria from a surface.

With our Reflex concept, this excellent quality is also available for cleaning your floors.

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New and improved homepages and product group information.

We have completely rebuilt our website homepage. Careful development of our website has allowed us visibility of our trolley innovations and Rekola’s renewed brand.


We have been selling our Reflex floor cleaning concept abroad for several years. This concept is used in many hospitals, elderly care homes, nurseries, schools and offices around the world. As Reflex is now combined under the name Rekola, it makes our business message more clear giving our company the right picture.


Rekola Motion

The Rekola Motion products represents all the trolleys made by Rekola, all are made for cleaning, maintenance and transport. The trolleys are grouped M1. M2. M3. M4, M5. M6 depending on the type and purpose of the trolley required.

We have designed and produced many new trolley models but have also renewed some of our classic trolleys. We do not have pictures of all our trolleys on our website at this time as the imaging process is still in progress but the pictures will be added as they are ready.

Rekola Reflex

Rekola Reflex products are in their own section and you can read about the concept, use and benefits from the homepage.

Rekola AddOn

Newly uploaded pictures of our AddOn products are available to review on the website. Rekola AddOn are a  group of products of different design that can be used to improve the functionality of a trolley or cleaning process. The EVA pouches and other AddOn products are ideal for large and small trolleys. This group of products also includes a variety of small innovative products for cleaning or the task in hand as well as the Hookit.

Rekola Proconcept

The Rekola Proconcept group includes “private label” products that are not necessarily associated with cleaning but are designed and manufactured together with and for the client.

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