Orbotech Way of Cleaning OWC is a complete cleaning system

OrboTech has started to sell a complete cleaning system called OWC (OrboTech Way of Cleaning) to enable environmentally, economically, ergonomically, and efficiency-wise good outcomes for all parties concerned. OrboTech uses the Rekola Motion cleaning trolley as a starting point for the whole system. OrboTech’s OWC is a further development of Rekola’s RFC concept with even more elements working together to produce optimal and efficient results. We at Rekola truly want to change the cleaning industry into something genuinely good for the future.

Over the past year Orbotech has worked on their range of innovative products, Rekola’s RFC – Residue Free Cleaning concept, and, moreover, on how best to exhibit a complete cleaning system to customers. Rather than selling individual products Orbotech, our partner in Sweden and Finland, has started selling a complete cleaning system. Why is this? One reason is to create positive outcomes and good conditions for the cleaner, the object, the client and the supplier as a whole, which are expected and required in the cleaning sector that is much under pressure.

“Cherry-picking” is one approach, but is it really the best? A cleaning system is built around various components in order to create environmentally, economically, ergonomically, and efficiency-wise good outcomes, but also to bring innovation for your customers. To cherry-pick individual elements out of context will not necessarily result in same or similar positive outcomes.

With their long experience of mechanical cleaning, Orbotech now takes the complete cleaning system seriously and uses the cleaning trolley from Rekola as a starting point. The cleaning trolley is supplemented with an i-Mop of the right size to make mechanical cleaning a natural part of daily cleaning. From the heart, a machine is always faster and better than carrying out daily manual floor cleaning regardless of the equipment. 

However, the machine cannot get everywhere, and in order to be of any help it is always better to have it on the trolley. After all, who has time to go back and forth to get the machine? The trolley has been supplemented with the Rekola Reflex mopcloth system – a tried and tested mopcloth system that really gets things clean and ensures good access. Follow our lead, and view Rekola Reflex as an effective support to mechanical cleaning in your daily routine. 

With its blade fitted with an effective ultra-microfibre cloth, the solution provides superior cleaning with higher pressure against the floor (80 times higher compared to traditional methods). Every time you reposition the blade on the cloth (6-9 times) you get a new mop for the next surface, which means you always have a clean surface against the dirt. Careful testing with our customers exhibits that you cover roughly 50% more square metres of floor. Rekola Reflex weighs approximately half as much as an equivalent, regular mop. There is no Velcro to look after, and it means you have half as much to cart about between the trolley and the laundry room. 

Testing has established that the consumption of cloths is halved and cloths only need to be washed half as often which saves chemicals, water, time, and energy. The trolley is also equipped with Rekola’s efficient ultra-microfibre cloths (C or H cloths) for interior cleaning, a handle, and a rack. For floor cleaning and above all for textile surfaces, which are once again an increasingly popular floor material, Whiz has also been added. After a simple installation process, this smart robot vacuum cleaner supports the cleaning staff's otherwise heavy work by vacuuming free surfaces (60-70%). This frees you up to carry out other important cleaning work, providing maximum savings for your health and body!

Orbotech Way of Cleaning is a further development of Rekola’s RFC with even more elements working together to produce optimal and efficient results. We have carried out testing alongside a number of customers during 2021, and now have clear evidence of the effects you can expect by changing your cleaning system. For some time, Rekola has been working to spread this validated knowledge to other partners around Europe as well. 

We at Rekola truly want to change the cleaning industry into something genuinely good for the future. To find out more, please contact Rekola Trolley System or our partner Orbotech in Sweden or Finland.