Rekola Reflex supports Residue Free Cleaning


Cleaning is as old as the human race. The standards of what cleaning is constantly adapts, as do the surface materials that are the subject of cleaning.

The profession of a cleaner in the past was at a level that “anybody knows how to clean”. Hygiene awareness is constantly growing; cleaning is increasingly becoming a profession as part of the facility service to the owners and users of buildings. Visual clean, or a “fresh” air are no longer accepted as proof of cleanliness. Outsourcing of cleaning requests standard methods (like Insta 800) and neutral instrumental ways for proving that a good job was done, such as ATP meter, Dustmeter and UV light.

Good products only do not make clean, it needs training and education to clean properly.

Recently it was a common acceptance that traditional chemicals in combination with water could do the job. Now we know that a concentration of surfactants and or a too wet cleaning leave residue behind that can build up a biofilm. Toxic chemicals affect the health of the cleaning operators and so have influence on the health of the users of a building. Removing biofilm from surfaces is also very cost ineffective to normal daily cleaning.


The new Residue Free Cleaning (RFC) approach does not only look at products. Instead, we look at the processes from not acceptable clean (needs to be cleaned) to clean ( acceptable clean to live or work in) in all its facets. We involve mechanical cleaning (machines) where cost effectiveness is possible, adding manual cleaning where mechanical cleaning cannot reach,  low water distribution and usage of  “new age” chemicals, leaving no residue building chemicals.


Using new generation smarter and or smaller machines that can be taken on the trolley being interactive with the manual cleaning process. Reducing the need for aggressive deep cleaning.


Reduce surfactants that remain on surfaces and build up biofilm, affecting the health of the cleaning operator and occupants of the building, which increases your carbon footprint and has a negative result on the environment. Instead RFC embraces upgraded water and safe bioactive solutions

Ultra Microfiber uses less cleaning solution and therefore economically enables upgraded water solutions like Tersano,  UlraH2O, InnuScience.

It reduces sick reporting. Independent investigations claim traditional cleaning chemicals have the same effect on a cleaning operator as that of a heavy cigarette smoker.

The same chemicals also have a negative effect on the people who live or work in these buildings.


By using natural elements such asozone, bio-active or upgraded tap water, during cleaning, but also during thewashing cycle of surface cloths, mops and pads saves energy and makes theproducts more clean and by that more effective for cleaning .

ADD MORE ABRASIVITY  by using ULTRA MICRO FIBRE and smart tools like REFLEX POWER squeegee, pressure on the surface increases by 80 times, without the need of human force and still takes less space on the trolley.

Avoiding building a biofilm with residue saves costs on periodical deep cleaning.


Rather than looking at the products individually it is more productive to look at the cleaning as a process and applying the appropriate tool or product to achieve optimal cleaning within the process and cooperation between products that function complementary with each other, creating a stimulating effect on cleaning result (+)  and effort (-).

Machines and manual utensils that are able to use the same “new age” cleaning agents, are more friendly to new generation decorative materials and do not leave a residual layer such as surfactants.  

USING BASIC TAPWATER, BIOACTIVE ELEMENTS OR MANIPULATED WATER for cleaning instead of cleaning solutions with surfactants that remain and build a hazard biofilm.

OPTIMIZING transport and operational functionality.

Looking for smarter solutions so that theory and good practice come together.

A new generation of small and easy to operate machines get to the market. Combined with REKOLA REFLEX and ULTRA MICRO FIBRE deep cleanings can be reduced and surfaces life time extended.

The REFLEX Mopcloths use less cleaning solution and therefore economically enable upgraded water solutions like Tersano,  UlraH2O, InnuScience. Mopcloths pre-impregnated with these liquids or solutions save space on the trolley, which leaves space for other functions of transport.

RESIDUE FREE CLEANING (RFC) is the concept of eliminating residue of dirt and chemicals that can harm people’s health.

RFC HAS BEEN DEVELOPED by Rekola together with a group of partners committed to fight residue that traditional cleaning methods fail to remove.

And the extra benefit? It pays off !

Less volume on laundry, less cleaning liquid because of UMF usage, no or significantly less periodical deep cleaning.