Rekola Motion RFC trolley for the integration of Hako machine

Rekola Motion RFC trolley for the integration of Hako machine
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There are several different variations of this trolley available for tackling everyday cleaning challenges. The trolley can be used with or without a Hako machine.

The trolley is an important part of our RFC concept (Residue Free Cleaning). The RFC concept combines all the latest innovative products into one cleaning process. The Rekola Reflex mopping method, small battery powered machines and pure water constitute an ecological way of deep cleaning, resulting in significantly cleaner, residue-free surfaces.

This trolley model makes your cleaning process easier and faster with the same innovative features as of all Rekola Motion cleaning trolleys:

  • The trash bag cover with three side walls allowing you to replace the trash bag without lifting it from the sack frame holder.
  • Rekola AddOn EVA cases providing extra space for items that must be easily accessible.
  • If needed, the trolley can be equipped with a lockable middle section, onto which a logo or motto can be printed.

Choose your version of the Rekola Motion “Hako trolley” and start the design of a new cleaning process with RFC for the benefit of you, your employees, your customers and a cleaner world.

The M2H trolley includes the following standard equipment:

  • 1 x frame with a padded push bar
  • 2 x 125 mm fixed rear wheels
  • 2 x 125 mm swivel front wheels
  • 2 x brake in the front wheels
  • 1 x sack holder, which can be divided for two 75L trash bags
  • 2 x VP1M25 tool holder
  • 2 x welded mop frame support
  • 1 x M3HS shelf set (incl. a rack and an LTK1 tray)
  • 1 x stand for the Hako machine. The stand has 75 mm swivel support wheels.

The M2H trolley can also be complemented with the following optional extras:

  • LTK1 tray as base or shelf
  • MLH2 extra shelf under the push bar
  • LTK4 case for the buckets
  • SI6 6L bucket with blue or red coloured handle
  • SI6K lid for the 6L bucket
  • LTK15 15L plastic box with folding lid
  • LTK25 25L plastic box with folding lid
  • P100 metal basket
  • P200 set (incl. a rack, LTK4 and LTK15)
  • 15-900300 textile trash bag cover
  • 15-900340 textile storage for trash bag rolls
  • M2 OVP1 door panel set
  • EVA mop bag and cases

Technical data M2H

Trolley weight: 26,5 kg

Trolley frame dimensions: 114 x 62 x 119 cm

Packing box weight: 28,5 kg

Packing box dimensions: 120 x 65 x 55 cm

Boxes per pallet: 6 pcs

Pallet weight: 191 kg

Pallet dimensions: 130 x 110 x 180 cm

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