Rekola Motion M3.1 Cleaning trolley

Rekola Motion M3.1 Cleaning trolley

M3.1 is a new generation trolley with a very modern outlook. It is a statement trolley and a statement can be put on it: This model offers an option to put your own graphic/ad to it. So let your customers to see your message.

Additionally, the new construction design optimizes the space for transport capacity - so you’ll get increased productivity. The two large drawers will carry large amounts of paper, towel rolls and other distributed material which will increase your productivity.

All of this, combined with great freedom in how to use the trolley for your particular needs, is what state-of-the-art trolleys are all about.

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The M3.1 trolley has other innovative ideas other than large drawers – large transport capacity and the option to use it for advertising. A new innovative trash bag cover with 3 side walls allows the user to change the trash bag without having to lift the bag up. That’s Scandinavian ergonomic thinking.

The trolley also has a new  easy to use shaft holder/mop frame support mechanism which secures them to the trolley.

Add on products such as EVA pouches enables you to have the needed utensil in the right places with easy access. With these Addon products, your bottles, cloths and small items will always be right there. This trolley can also be fitted with a mop bag for dirty mops, holder for dusters and special canvas parts for example plastic rolls. All these will even further improve the performance of the model in order to make cleaning and facilitating functions more efficient.

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